About Yemi

Professional Healthpreneur

Yemisi Ewebajo – Lagunju is a trained Chemical Engineer from the prestigious University of Lagos, Akoka.
Yemi’s work experience includes laboratory quality assurance personnel at Berger paint, a Research associate at NNPC, Design and Flow line personnel with project analysis for APL- Atlas Poligenics Limited, an oil and gas design company.
She has continuously resourced both as a quality adviser and business extension executive for the foremost liquid starch company in Nigeria ( Liverpool starch) working to contribute to the quality of the product.
Her other passions include bead making, a passion she branded with Yodel concepts and Wireworks.
Yemi explored health, nature and beauty products with a special emphasis in treating fertility issues in 2015. Today she is an independent distributor with Swissgarde South Africa, an Ascendis natural health company producing natural health solution supplements.
Yemi believes that health solutions for African can be produced by Africans hence her undying commitment to promoting natural health and beauty solution with natural extracts from the African environment to solve health issues facing the blacks all around the globe.
She is also a popular health cast on youtube as @yemiswiss where she educates on health issues and solutions.

My Approach

Using natural plant extract formulated into supplements

My Process

Ensuring that patients diligently keep to their usage of natural supplements as prescribed to enhance health living and excellent body productivity.

Unique Framework

Here is the good news , come and make wealth with me .