Bodygarde Products

Aloe Vera Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion

Aloe Vera Body Ultra Hydrating Body Cream restores and firms the skin. The Bio-Nutri complex has caring ingredients which leave even the driest skin noticeably smoother and more moisturized. The rich formula contains Aloe Vera and Mint.

Liquid Gold With Royal Jelly & Gold Glycerine

A moisturizing anti-aging formula. Royal Jelly, Turmeric, Gold Glycerine and Bio-Nutri complex for 48 hours hydration. Liquid Gold has an ultra-nourishing long-lasting formula to ensure plump, hydrated, healthy skin. This non-greasy anti-aging moisturizer embraces nature’s goodness to promote healthy, glowing skin.

Royal Jelly – a nutrient-dense concentrate promoting collagen production and skin renewal.

Turmeric – a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial herb promoting healthy even-toned skin.

Gold Glycerine – promotes long-lasting skin hydration and boosts skin structure and skin health.


Royal Jelly Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion

Pamper your skin with Bodygarde Royal Jelly Ultra Hydrating Body Cream with Turmeric. An advanced formulation that keeps skin soft, smooth and supple. The combination of Royal Jelly, Active Moisturisers, Turmeric and Bio-Nutri complex provides 48 hour hydration and moisturization.

Royal Jelly – a nutrient dense anti-ageing concentrate promoting collagen production and skin renewal.

Turmeric – an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant booster that promotes healthy even-toned skin.